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Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Outdoor grounds open daily 6 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Crystal Bridge Closed for Renovation.
Reopens fall 2022.

Participating Artists

John Davidson

As a native-born son of New York City, art and culture were apart of John’s life from an early age. Visits to museums, plays, and concerts helped mold his artist sensibilities. John commented, “I would spend hours drawing. It was something I did from a young age.”

A unique opportunity for college was offered to him, to attend the School of Visual Arts in New York. This art school provided an exceptional learning experience, in that all the instructors were working professionals in their field. John expressed it this way, “At SVA is where I understood what it meant to be an artist.” He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

With a decline in vision, John adapted subject matter and mediums, to get the best results.

Susan Diann Hayes

Susan lives in Elmore City, specializing in wildlife and landscape photography, as well as mixed media art consisting of photography, digital art, acrylic, and oil paint. She is 70 percent deaf in one ear and 40 percent in the other, and while she wears a hearing aid, Susan depends heavily on lip-reading for communication. Because of COVID-19 and the mandating of masks, she could not read lips and, soon, COVID also had a hand in her layoff from her job. Finding herself without a job, cut off from family, and limited communication, she knew she had to do something to keep herself from succumbing to a depressed state.

To beat the anxiety, she made herself get outside and take walks every day, and would make herself take notice of the beauty in the world. At first, taking pictures with her phone and posting on social media and soon she had a following. She purchased a camera and taught herself how to use it. To stay busy when she couldn’t go out and take photographs, Susan started painting some of the scenes she had photographed.

Susan placed Honorable Mentioned at the 2021 Ponca City Arts Council Art Festival, Honorable Mentioned at the 2021 Chisholm Trail Arts Council Holiday Art Show and displayed art at the Chisholm Trails Heritage Center in Duncan, Oklahoma. She also served as a board member for OVAC 2021 Art Walk.

Autism Oklahoma

In 2022 AutismOklahoma will be celebrating their 20 year anniversary! AO is an Oklahoma based non-profit that provides a platform and infrastructure for creating opportunities for our loved ones with autism. They have lots of different programming, from their annual PieceWalk to creativity groups AutismOklahoma celebrates the talents and skills of the community.

Using art as a way to communicate and tell amazing stories. Whether it’s through the current Duets program, Bee’s Knees, or Swanky, AO holds a variety of art classes and art shows to highlight the amazing talents of our participants!