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Tree for All presented by Cox Communications

Tree for All presented by Cox Communications

$20 Tree Sale - Sat., Nov. 4, 9am-12pm

Join us for the annual Tree for All presented by Cox on Saturday, November 4 from 9am-12pm! This year, we’re bringing you the biggest tree sale yet, with nearly 900 trees to choose from. See the nine varieties listed here.

Our mission is to promote natural beauty and environmental improvement through tree planting. By diversifying Oklahoma’s green canopy, we strive to create a sustainable and biodiverse landscape.

The Gardens’ expert horticulture staff has carefully selected trees that thrive in Oklahoma’s climate. From small to large, there’s a variety of sizes and characteristics to choose from. Be sure to arrive early, as the first 100 patrons will receive a free 1-gallon Eastern Redbud.

The selection of trees available for sale are in three-gallon buckets. Choose from a variety of stunning options, including the Eastern Redbud, Red Maple, American Sweetgum, Southern Magnolia, Sweetbay Magnolia, Shumard Oak, Yaupon Holly (Upright), and Bald Cypress. If you’re looking for loblolly pines, we have those too, available in convenient 5-gallon buckets.

In addition to the tree sale, we’ll have educational programming and vendors on site to provide you with valuable information on tree planting, maintenance, and available resources for the future health of your trees.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to our presenting sponsor, Cox Communications.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to contribute to a greener and more beautiful Oklahoma. See you at the West Plaza by the Thunder Fountain!

Trees for 2023

3 gallon
Cercis canadensis – Eastern Redbud
Acer Rubrum
Red Maple
Liquidambar styraciflua –
American Sweetgum
Magnolia grandiflora –
Southern Magnolia
Magnolia virginiana –
Sweetbay Magnolia
Quercus shumardii –
Shumard Oak
Ilex vomitoria –
Yaupon Holly (Upright)
Taxodium distichum –
Bald Cypress

5 gallon
Pinus taeda – Loblolly Pine

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Nov 04 2023


9:00 am - 12:00 pm


West Plaza
301 West Reno, Oklahoma City, OK