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Jenny Peterson

Jenny Peterson is an Austin, Texas-based author and designer who specializes in plants and gardens that promote healthy, wellness and balance. Combining interior design and indoor gardening, Peterson has elevated houseplant style from violets in the kitchen window and ficus trees in the corner. Using a variety of stylish containers, and plants, Peterson will demonstrate how to create contemporary garden displays inside. In addition to running her successful design firm, Peterson has been treated for cancer twice, and shares with others how gardening can help enhance quality of life, foster healing, and create balance and wellness. She is co-author of Indoor Plant Décor: The Design Stylebook for Houseplants, and the award-winning The Cancer Survivor’s Garden Companion.

Jenny’s presentation:


Houseplants for Health and Happiness

Join Jenny Peterson as she talks about the healing power of houseplants. From plant and container selections to figuring out your own personal houseplant “style,” Jenny will walk you through how to create your own indoor garden oasis guaranteed to elevate your happiness and well-being.

Indoor Plant Décor: The Design Stylebook for Houseplants by Kylee Baumle and Jenny Peterson – $15.26

With more and more people (5.9 million-plus) working from home or retiring from the workforce (10,000 new baby boomers retiring every day) the quality of the home environment is becoming more important than ever. Jenny and Kylee know that adding living plants to the decor pays off in enjoyment, pride of place, and an increased sense of well being (not to mention lower blood pressure, higher creativity and cleaner air quality). House stagers and decorators know that well placed plants add value to a home. In Indoor Plant Decor, the authors show how to design with plants and containers to enhance one’s personal style. The book is divided into 8 style categories, like “Peaceful Zen,” “Classic Elegance,” Modern Eclectic,” and “Vintage Vibe” – with photo collages of style elements, easy DIY projects, plant and container selection, and care tips for all environments and seasons. Full-color photos throughout.

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