301 W. Reno
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Crystal Bridge: Ticket Required
Open daily, 9am-5pm;
Sunday, 11am-5pm
Outdoor Grounds: Open daily 6am-11pm

The Curious World of Orchids

Now open through March 17

Prepare to be transfixed as you step foot into the Curious World of Orchids. The Orchid Show returns to the Inasmuch Foundation Crystal Bridge Conservatory after its extensive renovation. This show will display hundreds of peculiar orchids with fascinating, unique, and wildly beautiful shapes. You’ll learn more about these exquisite flowers and what makes them such a unique and diverse plant family, which is the second largest. Make this show a stop to brighten up your winter.

Hours are Monday-Saturday, 9am-5pm and Sunday, 11am-5pm.

Admission is FREE for Gardens members. Adult – $10.50; Senior 62+ – $9; Military/Veterans – $9 Student

The Curious World of Orchids