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A Colorful World: Works by Deke Roberts exhibit

July 26 – September 12

Crystal Bridge Art Gallery

Artist’s Reception, Friday, July 28, 6-7pm

Deke Roberts is a talented Oklahoma artist based in Edmond. He has dedicated 15 years to honing his craft through study, practice, and experimentation. Deke’s captivating paintings have been showcased at prestigious exhibitions like Edmond Vibes and the Artist for Literacy Exhibition in Oklahoma City. Not only that, he has generously donated several of his artworks to the Mercy Hospital Foundation. 

During his time in Nevada, Deke also had the opportunity to paint with a Plein Air group in Boulder City. Inspired by the early modern art movement and influenced by iconic artists like Van Gogh, Derain, and de Vlaminck, Deke’s focus lies in capturing the beauty of everyday life and its surroundings. Utilizing oil as his chosen medium, he skillfully portrays his reflections on these subjects. Discover the enchanting world of Deke Roberts’ art.