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Oklahoma City, OK 73102

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daily from 6 a.m. – 11 p.m.
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Myriad Botanical Gardens invites art lovers to discover an array of works from talented artists in the Crystal Bridge Art Gallery. Get inspired as you stroll through this free gallery open Monday through Saturday, 9am-5pm and Sunday, 11am-5pm, with many pieces available for purchase!

Tulip Mania

FEBRUARY 22 – APRIL 9, 2023

In the 17th century, the demand for colorful, unique tulip bulbs in Holland resulted in one of the most famous economic bubbles and crashes in history. Speculation about tulip bulbs drove the price of bulbs up to 10,000 guilders at its peak (the equivalent to the cost of a mansion on the Amsterdam Grand Canal). The bubble only lasted a short time before dramatically crashing. This bubble became known as Tulip Mania. 

Every spring the Myriad Gardens come alive with color from thousands of tulips planted all over the grounds. In anticipation of the tulip blooms, that are a favorite with the Oklahoma community, this exhibit is made up of professional and amateur artists from the community. Check out their different depictions of legendary tulip. 

This exhibit will culminate in our first annual Tulip Festival, April 8-9. On the north side of the outdoor Gardens, right among the tulips, there will be special decorative displays and installations, food and merchandise vendors, classes, games and crafts, and musical performances. Join us in our love of the tulip!


Participating Artists

  • Hayden Bilbrey
  • Christine Bonilla
  • Alahna Broadway
  • Ramona Brown
  • Thomas Buchanan
  • Valerie Clayton
  • Kathryn Spears Cosgrove
  • Karen Delaney
  • Shannon Delplancke
  • Michelle Foster
  • Bradley Fowler
  • Leah Fryslie
  • Irmgard Geul
  • Scott Goodpaster
  • Susan Hayes
  • Dobrinka Kerekova
  • Thomas Martinez
  • Elizabeth Markley
  • Lauretta Newby-Coker
  • Kristi Self
  • Ann Strawn
  • Sharon Sudduth
  • Gayla White
  • Lisa Wing
  • Kimberly Yates
  • Janice Yeary

Upcoming Exhibits

Seasons of Change
April 11 – June 5

Thomas Martinez
William Lentz

Endless Summer
June 6 – July 25

Cindy Guthrie
Kristen Marie Brown

A Colorful World
July 26 – Sept 13

Donald “Deke” Roberts

Permanent Art

Cloud Portal

The Cloud Portal, made of aluminum, stands 15-18′ tall in the center of the Inasmuch Foundation Crystal Bridge Conservatory. It represents upward growth of nature. Designed by architect Scott Murase, it will manufactured and installed by Pelco Products, located in Edmond.

It is funded in part by the Robert Glenn Rapp Foundation.


Inside the Inasmuch Foundation Crystal Bridge Conservatory


“Friendship” Sculpture: Well-known Boston artist, Nancy Schön, has captured the true nature of friendship in this bronze sculpture of two prairie dogs on display in the Children’s Garden.


Children’s Garden


“Gateway” Sculpture: Artist Hans Van de Bovenkamp created the 14-foot red abstract sculpture as a means to connect the organic forms of nature with urban architecture and the environment. 


Northwest corner of the Gardens, at the corner of Hudson and Sheridan avenues.


“Goldfish” Sculpture: This Texas Cream Limestone sculpture measuring approximately 18” x 4’ x 5’ 10” displayed on the lake level is a Fancy Tail Goldfish. This sculpture was created by Oklahoma City artist, Kendall Howerton.


Lower level east lake side.

Philodendron Dome

By Laurie Spencer, artist, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Installed 1992 at the lower lake. 

Philodendron is a tropical American climbing plant that is widely grown as a greenhouse/indoor plant, which is fitting considering the dome is located by the Inasmuch Foundation Crystal Bridge Conservatory. The dome contains many huge leaves, with vines and roots climbing among the curved metal pieces forming the dome. The leaves resemble a Philodendron plant, except in size. 


Moved to the Children’s Garden after 2011 renovation. 

Story Teller Chair

“Storyteller’s Chair” Sculpture: Oklahoma City artist, Don Narcomey, created this Sculpture with bois d’ arc wood (Osage Orange), an extremely hard and decay-resistant wood used in the past for fence posts and bows to shoot arrows. It is a magical addition to storytime in the Children’s Garden.

Location: Children’s Garden Porch