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Sunday, 11am-5pm
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Common Threads

A Five Woman Show featuring Textiles & Fiber

December 14-January 23

Fiber art is a fine art style that uses natural or synthetic fibers and textiles to create art. It focuses on the materials and manual labor involved. The Myriad Botanical Gardens have brought together five women who are exceptionally talented in fiber arts design. “Common Threads” will be on exhibit in the Crystal Bridge Art Gallery from December 14-January 23. It is free to view the show during general hours. Works of art are for sale and can be picked up after the exhibit ends.

Sarah Atlee
Vicki Conley
Irmgard Guel
Sharrah Sherrod
Lisa Wing

Free to view during general hours

Monday through Saturday, 9am-5pm
Sunday, 11am-5pm

Sarah Atlee

After two decades of dedicated work as a professional painter, Sarah Atlee has gracefully transitioned her artistic focus to quilting. With a deep passion for colors and geometric designs, she brings a vibrant energy and a sense of freedom to her creations. Through the use of improvisational patchwork and repurposed textiles, Atlee masterfully crafts quilts that exude mindfulness and joy. Whether adorning the walls of art galleries or adding a touch of coziness to your couch, her quilts find a place of belonging wherever they are showcased.


Vicki Conley

Vicki Conley, a lifelong creative from southern New Mexico, recently concluded a remarkable 42-year career as a studio potter. Alongside fiber art, surface pattern design, and online teaching, Vicki’s talent has earned her national and international recognition, including Quilt National 2017. Her original national park poster art quilts showcase her innate ability to interpret the beauty of the natural world. Currently, Vicki travels extensively in an RV with her husband and two canine companions, constantly seeking fresh inspiration for her craft.

Irmgard Geul

Netherlands-born artist Irmgard Geul, based in Pauls Valley, OK, is known for her unique art form called “Embroidery Paintings.” Combining hand-stitched embroidery with acrylic painted paper, Geul’s work offers a sensory and organic experience. Her contemporary landscapes, trees, and flowers draw inspiration from the rural landscapes of Oklahoma. Geul has exhibited her artwork in numerous group and solo exhibitions, receiving coverage from publications like the Magazine of the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, Oklahoma Today, and Art Focus Oklahoma. She was also featured on Gallery America by OETA and the Curbside Chronicle. 

Sarah Sullivan Sherrod

Sarah Sullivan Sherrod, a talented textile artist from Tulsa, Oklahoma, showcases her diverse skills in weaving, painting, and color theory. Her work embodies playfulness through her artistic process and captivating aesthetic. Fearlessly embracing improvisation within the boundaries of the loom, Sarah transforms every step of her creative journey into a thrilling game. Colors and shapes engage in lively conversations, ultimately piecing together the puzzle of her final masterpieces. Sarah’s unique approach infuses her artwork with an irresistible sense of joy and wonder, captivating viewers with the interplay of colors, textures, and patterns.

Lisa Wing

Lisa Wing, a horticulturist at the Myriad Botanical Gardens for the past five years, is known for her talent as a fiber artist. She frequently creates beautiful pieces for various events at the Gardens, such as Pumpkinville and the Tulip show, as well as for the Crystal Bridge Conservatory and other garden decorations. Lisa’s upcoming show will feature her unique crazy quilt pieces adorned with embroidery, beadwork, and other creative techniques. Her works are sure to captivate visitors with their intricate beauty.